Lotto Made 36 Millionaires in November

November was hugely successful for Lotto as 36 players will now begin December enjoying their status as brand new millionaires. Two ticket holders rounded off the month by sharing the jackpot of £3.5 million on Saturday night, with 326,993 other players also winning cash prizes ranging from £25 for matching three numbers up to £71,680 for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

Lotto Made 36 Millionaires in November

To see the prize breakdown from Saturday’s Lotto draw as well as a list of the 50 winning Lotto Raffle codes which bagged their owners £20,000 each, visit the Results page of

November’s Lotto winning streak kicked off in style, with three players sharing an £8.8 million triple rollover top prize on Saturday 1st. Overall in November, there was £29.8 million paid out in jackpots in addition to 20 special £1 million prizes given away in a special Lotto Raffle draw on Saturday 22nd to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the game.

Added to the other big cash prizes given away in every draw in the other prize tiers and Lotto Raffle, Christmas has been transformed for hundreds of Lotto players across the UK. There’s still time to grab your piece of the Lotto payout actio,n with seven draws left before Christmas Day, including a massive Christmas Eve Lotto Raffle in which there will be 500 winners of £20,000.

You will need to buy some tickets if you want to be in with a chance of grabbing a prize, which are on sale now either online or from authorised retailers. Make sure you get hold of them before 7:30pm on the night of the draw and keep your fingers crossed that the good luck of November spills into December!

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