Lotto Jackpot Stands at £2.1 million for Wednesday 5th November 2014

Lotto players will be hoping to set off a cascade of fireworks in celebration this evening after landing tonight’s £2.1 million Bonfire Night jackpot. Even if the top prize isn’t won, 50 ticket holders will receive a very welcome £20,000 courtesy of Lotto Raffle, which is more than enough for a dazzling display that will light up the skies above your garden and turn your neighbours green with envy.

Lotto Jackpot Stands at £2.1 million for Wednesday 5th November 2014

After a bumper October for lottery fans, which saw a anonymous Portuguese EuroMillions player bag themselves £149 million (€190 million), Lotto kicked off November in style by sharing a triple rollover jackpot of £8.8 million between three lucky ticket holders. For the winning Lotto numbers, Lotto Raffle codes and a full breakdown of prizes from Saturday’s draw, visit the Results page of

Thermostats across the UK are slowly creeping up and householders are dreading the thud of their energy bills dropping onto the doormat, but a £2.1 million windfall would ensure that you never have to keep warm by wearing five layers of jumpers around the house again.

To win the bounty on offer though, you need to buy a ticket for tonight’s draw before 7:30pm GMT when sales close. They are on sale now and can be purchased online or from any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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