Lotto Jackpot for Wednesday 21st January Stands at £8.7 Million

Tonight’s double rollover Lotto jackpot will stand at a very healthy, estimated £8.7 million after no one matched all six main numbers on Saturday. Even without a top tier winner, it was a hugely successful draw after three players banked £150,329 each for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. A further 50 ticket holders were celebrating matching one of the winning Lotto Raffle codes and claiming £20,000.

Lotto Jackpot for Wednesday 21st January Stands at £8.7 Million

To see the results from Saturday 17th January’s draw, visit the Lottery Results page of, where you can also find a prize breakdown and all 50 victorious Lotto Raffle codes.

With £8.7 million on offer tonight, a nation gripped by snowstorms will be hoping for a ray of sunshine in the form of a big Lotto win. With that much cash in the bank, you could afford to buy your own Volvo FL gritting lorry with a snowplough, which would set you back a mere £12,000 on eBay. It would allow you to clear the sprawling grounds of your newly-purchased country mansion next time the blizzards attack Britain!

Of course, another way to avoid the treacherous UK road conditions at this time of year is to spend some of your Lotto winnings on tickets to fly away for the winter to sunnier climes, leaving your friends to stare jealously at your suntan on Instagram.

However, in order to buy those round-the-world plane tickets, you first need to get hold of Lotto tickets which can be bought online or from authorised retailers - just remember to wrap up warm!

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