Lotto Guarantees to Make 25 Millionaires on Saturday 10th October

Lotto will create 25 millionaires on Saturday 10th October, the most the game has ever made in one night. The special Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw will celebrate the changes being made to the game, which will see at least one prize of £1 million being given away in each Lotto draw after that date.

Lotto Guarantees to Make 25 Millionaires on Saturday 10th October

The Lotto Millionaire Raffle will replace the existing Lotto Raffle, which currently awards 50 ticket holders with £20,000 for matching the winning code drawn on the night. The new game will see one code winning a top-tier award of £1 million in a regular draw, as well as a further 20 codes winning £20,000 each. As with the current Lotto Raffle, players will receive an automatically generated entry for Lotto Millionaire Raffle on their ticket for every line they play in the main Lotto game.

Other Lotto changes being introduced on the same day include the addition of ten more numbers to the ball pool, a new prize tier that will offer a Lotto Lucky Dip ticket for matching just two main numbers and an end to the four-rollover limit, meaning jackpots will be able to grow to a cap of £50 million!

Saturday 10th October will not be the first time Lotto has created multiple millionaires on the same night, with seven £1 million prizes having been awarded on Saturday 25th July, following the ten that were distributed on Valentine’s Day this year.

There are just two draws left before the changes take place and you next chance to play Lotto under the current rules is this Saturday, when the jackpot will be worth £3.8 million. Lotto tickets are on sale now online and from authorised retailers around the UK.

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