Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Wednesday 22nd October

The Lotto draw for Wednesday 22nd October has resulted in a rollover, meaning that Saturday’s top prize will be worth £5.5 million and that there will be 100 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each. Last night’s winning numbers were 5, 24, 28, 36, 42 and 47 with Bonus Ball 8.

Lotto and Lotto Raffle Results for Wednesday 22nd October

While no one scooped the £2.2 million jackpot, there were plenty of lucky winners, including one ticket holder who matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win a cool £176,790. An additional 127 players matched five main numbers to win £1,181 each while 7,004 participants snapped up £113 each for matching four main numbers. The main draw was rounded out by 125,410 ticket holders who matched three main numbers to bag the fixed prize of £25.

In addition to the main draw, there were 50 Lotto Raffle winners who each picked up a windfall worth £20,000.

Players are now focusing their attention on Friday’s incredible EuroMillions jackpot, worth £150 million (€190 million). The jackpot has hit its maximum value and can’t go any higher, and the last time that this happened was in 2012, when Adrian and Gillian Bayford scooped their massive £148.6 million (€190 million) jackpot on Friday 10th August of that year.

With the EuroMillions jackpot on offer on Friday and the Lotto rollover top prize being offered on Saturday, it’s shaping up to be an amazing weekend. Why not try playing both to see what happens? You can buy EuroMillions tickets until 7.30pm BST (8.30pm CEST) on Friday and Lotto tickets are available for purchase until 7.30pm BST on Saturday. Good luck!

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