Lottery Syndicates: Playing Together, Winning Together

A group of factory workers from Bolton have just come forward as one of the latest winners of a sizeable EuroMillions prize. Could playing in a syndicate such as theirs be the ticket to a big win?

Lottery Syndicates: Playing Together, Winning Together

The group of 18 workers, all of whom are employed at a local insulation company called Web Dynamics, matched all five main numbers drawn on Tuesday 6th January to a win a prize worth £60,126. Each syndicate member will take home £3,340 - a nice amount of cash that will pad out their bank balances during the tightest month of the year.

Playing in a syndicate can increase your odds of winning a prize, but any cash that is won must be shared among all the members. As long as all participants are over the age of 16 (in the UK), you can have a syndicate as large or small as you’d like. Each player adds their own line of numbers to the syndicate, thus increasing the odds of a win. For example, a group of 20 players purchasing 20 tickets faces odds of 1 in 5,826,640 for winning the jackpot as opposed to 1 in 116,531,800 if they go it alone.

Perhaps the best part of playing in a syndicate is the fact that you have others around you who can share in the joy of a big win if and when it happens. Your prize may not be as large as if you played by yourself, but you’re still getting a great return on your investment - just like the Bolton workers.

To learn more about syndicates and how they work, visit the Syndicates section of, where you’ll find valuable resources such as a sample syndicate agreement. Putting together documents might seem tedious when you’re all dreaming of splitting a huge cash prize, but it will protect all of you in the long run.

There’s still time to form a syndicate for draws taking place this week - EuroMillions is offering a jackpot worth £11 million (€15 million) tomorrow and Lotto returns with a £2.1 million top prize on Wednesday evening. Start calling your friends and sending emails around the office now for your chance to beat the odds and scoop a share of a life-changing prize.

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