Lottery Results for Saturday 22nd March 2014

The weekend got off to another winning start on Friday night, with one ticket taking down a EuroMillions jackpot worth £21 million (€25 million) and making success look rather easy in the process. Lottery players who tried to do a similar thing on Saturday night had quite a few big jackpots to pursue, and we are pleased to report that several of those life-changing prizes were landed in great style, including a Powerball jackpot worth over $96 million. The lottery results for Saturday 22nd March, 2014, were as follows…

Lottery Results for Saturday 22nd March 2014

UK Lotto

17 – 20 – 28 – 39 – 43 – 44 Bonus Ball: 40

UK Lotto players had been gearing up to play for an estimated jackpot of £4.4 million last night, but the top prize actually beat that estimate, weighing in at an even better £5,199,620. Unfortunately, no player was able to match all of the main numbers, so the jackpot rolled over to the next game, when it it is expected to be worth around £6.5 million. There were 11 tickets that matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win a consolation prize of £37,729 each, and more than 254,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. The complete prize schedule – and the 50 winning Lotto Raffle numbers – can be seen by visiting the Results page at

Irish Lottery

02 – 03 – 20 – 22 – 29 – 39 Bonus Ball: 04

The Irish Lottery jackpot on Saturday had a final value of €3,928,388, and it will be worth around €4.5 million in the midweek game on Wednesday after players witnessed another rollover. One ticket was able to secure a second tier prize of €25,000 by matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, and another 48 tickets matched five main numbers only to win €1,400 each. There were more than 38,000 prizes landed in total, and the full tier-by-tier breakdown of the sums won can be viewed on the Results page at

Health Lottery

13 – 19 – 32 – 40 – 49 Bonus Ball: 10

There were no top prize winners in the most recent Health Lottery game,  but more than 64,000 consolation prizes were landed, the biggest of which was worth £10,000 for anyone who matched four main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Ten Hot Ticket prizes worth £2,000, £5,000 or £10,000 each were won, and players who matched just two main numbers received a free Quick Pick entry for the next Health Lottery game on Wednesday.


19 – 22 – 31 – 38 – 87 – 89 Jolly: 46 SuperStar: 49

There were no jackpot winners in the SuperEnalotto game last night, and there were no second tier prize winners either. The biggest winners among the standard entries were seven tickets that matched five main numbers only to secure a third tier prize of €41,390 each, and over 32,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. Over 56,000 SuperStar entries also won prizes last night, and the next SuperEnalotto game on Tuesday will offer a jackpot worth €9.3 million.


13 – 28 – 31 – 55 – 58 Powerball: 15

The final value of the latest Powerball jackpot was $96,500,000 and we are pleased to say that one ticket matched all five main numbers plus the Powerball number to win that sum outright. The winning ticket had been purchased in Missouri, and the jackpot for the next game has now been reset to $40 million. Five tickets matched the five main numbers only to win a second tier prize of $1 million each, and another 27 tickets won their owners $10,000 each by matching four main numbers plus the Powerball. The total number of prizes won by standard entries in the game on Saturday was 404,878, and an additional 80,271 prizes were won by successful Power Play entries.

Australian Saturday Lotto

04 – 12 – 18 – 19 – 29 – 33 Supplementary Numbers: 17 and 43

The Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot a week ago had been won by a single player, but it was very much ‘business as usual’ in the game last night with multiple tickets sharing a jackpot worth AUD$4,208,289. Eight tickets matched all six main numbers to win their owners AUD$526,036 each, and another 79 tickets picked up a Division 2 prize of AUD$7,225 each by matching five main numbers and one of the supplementary numbers. There were more than 511,000 prizes won at the lower divisions, and the next Australian Saturday Lotto game on Saturday 29th March will offer a special jackpot of around AUD$21 million.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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