Lottery Results for Saturday 20th September 2014

Jackpot success in the EuroMillions game on Friday night gave Saturday lottery players plenty of hope that they too could match enough numbers on their tickets to win themselves a truly life-changing prize. The good news is that several players succeeded, and even in those games where the jackpot wasn't won there were plenty of consolation prizes landed, so players who haven't yet checked their tickets may want to do so now. The lottery results for Saturday 20th September, 2014, were as follows...

Lottery Results for Saturday 20th September 2014

UK Lotto

02 – 06 – 22 – 26 – 33 – 48 Bonus Ball: 43

UK Lotto players were pursuing a fresh jackpot which had a final value of £3,955,683 last night, and they will be pursuing another fresh jackpot in the next game because one ticket succeeded in matching all six main numbers.  There were seven winning tickets at the second prize tier, and each of those won £45,105 by matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. Over 297,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching five, four or three main numbers, and you can see exactly how much was won in each case by visiting the Results page at

Irish Lottery

15 – 18 – 29 – 32 – 35 – 38 Bonus Ball: 12

There was a brand new jackpot of €2 million up for grabs in the Saturday night Irish Lottery game thanks to one player landing the top prize midweek, but the luck didn’t continue at the highest level. The best that anyone could do was win a second tier prize of €25,000 by matching five of the main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number, and that feat was achieved by a single ticket. There were 35 tickets that won €1,741 each by matching five main numbers only, and more than 30,000 tickets won smaller prizes. The next game on Wednesday will offer a jackpot worth around €2.5 million, and the complete prize schedule for last night’s draw can be found via the Results page at

Health Lottery

03 – 07 – 26 – 28 – 41 Bonus Ball: 31

As always, the only thing standing between Health Lottery players and a top prize of £100,000 last night was the ability to match all five of the main numbers. None of the entries purchased for the game were able to do that, but there were more than 19,000 tickets that succeeded in winning a consolation prize of some kind by matching fewer numbers.


15 – 36 – 39 – 50 – 57 – 76 Jolly: 89 SuperStar: 04

A jackpot of €28 million was on offer in the SuperEnalotto game last night, but none of the participating players succeeded in matching all six main numbers. No ticket won a second tier prize either, but five tickets won their owners €52,806 each by matching five main numbers only. There were over 24,000 smaller consolation prizes won by standard entries, and more than 44,000 SuperStar entries also won prizes. The next SuperEnalotto game this Tuesday 23rd September will offer a jackpot worth around €28.4 million.


22 – 23 – 30 – 37 – 39 Powerball: 16

The Powerball jackpot had an advertised value of $196 million last night, which meant that if there was no winner the top prize would smash through the $200 million barrier for the next game. That is exactly what happened, with the jackpot rolling over, giving players $225 million to try and win next time. In the meantime, celebrations are in order for two players won won $1 million each by matching all five main numbers, and smaller consolation prizes went to more than 651,000 standard entries. Over 106,000 prizes were also landed by successful Power Play entries.

Australian Saturday Lotto

01 – 12 – 22 – 27 – 38 – 40 Supplementary Numbers: 20 and 32

The jackpot in the Australian Saturday Lotto game last night was worth five times the usual amount, and had a final value of AUD$20 million. Six entries shared that prize, so each ticket that matched all six main numbers is now worth AUD$3,333,333. There were 162 tickets that matched five of the main numbers and one of the supplementary numbers to win a Division 2 prize worth AUD$8,904 each, and 2,805 tickets won AUD$1,094 each at Division 3. The total number of prizes landed exceeded 1.19 million, and the jackpot in the next game will be worth an estimated AUD$4 million.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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