Lottery Results for Saturday 19th September, 2015

The Powerball lottery in the USA has been hogging the limelight for several weeks, and it continued to do so last night, thanks to it offering a staggering top prize of $208 million. The biggest jackpot in Europe was in the SuperEnalotto game, where players were pursuing a prize of €16.5 million, whilst UK and Irish Lotto players were chasing down jackpots of £4 million and €7.3 million, respectively. For those of you who haven’t yet checked your tickets, here is our whistle-stop tour of the lottery results for Saturday 19th September, 2015…

Lottery Results for Saturday 19th September, 2015

UK Lotto

14 – 26 – 28 – 31 – 32 – 44 Bonus Ball: 22

There was a brand new jackpot worth £4,025,588 to be won in the UK Lotto game last night, and the good news is that two tickets matched all of the numbers needed to win that prize, so each winning owner can now claim £2,012,794. Four tickets won £80,329 each by matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, and another 217 tickets matched five main numbers only to win £1,257 each. Over 250,000 entries won smaller prizes by matching four or three main numbers, and there were 50 Lotto Raffle winners of £20,000 each. The next UK Lotto game on Wednesday 23 September will now offer a jackpot with an estimated value of £2 million.

Irish Lottery

07 – 26 – 34 – 39 – 41 – 42 Bonus Ball: 31

Irish Lotto players had been patiently waiting for someone to win the jackpot for several weeks prior to last night’s draw, and we are pleased to confirm that one person finally managed to do just that. The exact value of the prize for matching all six main numbers was €7,384,790, and the ticket that won that sum had been purchased in Dublin. There were no winners at the second tier prize level, but 15 tickets won €2,948 each by matching five main numbers only, and more than 41,000 entries won lesser sums by matching fewer numbers. There will now be a brand new jackpot of around €2 million for players to try and win in the next game on Wednesday.


09 – 32 – 40 – 49 – 52 – 60 Jolly: 05 SuperStar: 89

The SuperEnalotto jackpot last night was worth a very attractive €16.5 million, but there was no player who could match all six main numbers, so that prize rolled over to the next game. The second prize tier was also absent of winners, but eight tickets matched five main numbers only to win a third tier prize of €29,024, and over 22,000 tickets won smaller sums. More than 35,000 SuperStar entries also won prizes, and the next game on Tuesday 22nd September will now offer a jackpot of around €16.9 million.


12 – 17 – 26 – 43 – 48 Powerball: 24

There aren’t many ways for an ordinary person to get rich quick, and even fewer to amass a fortune worth nine figures, so the Powerball lottery game was extremely popular once again this week. No ticket matched the numbers needed to win the $208 million jackpot, but six entries did make each of their owners $1 million richer by matching the five main numbers only. There were 32 tickets that matched four main numbers plus the Powerball to win $10,000 each, and more than 652,000 winners at the lower levels. Over 127,000 Power Play entries also won prizes, and the next game on Wednesday will boast an even bigger jackpot worth $235 million.

Australian Saturday Lotto

04 – 05 – 16 – 29 – 32 – 44 Supplementary Numbers: 19 and 37

Two of the main numbers that were drawn in last night’s Australian Saturday Lotto game had also appeared exactly one week earlier, and that fact helped four tickets to win an equal share of the jackpot, which was worth AU$4,197,383. There were 60 tickets that matched five of the main numbers plus one of the supplementary numbers to win AU$9,476 each, and another 989 tickets won a Division 3 prize of AU$1,240 by matching five main numbers only. More than 482,000 entries won smaller prizes across the lower divisions, and the next game on Saturday 26th September will offer another brand new jackpot of around AU$4 million.

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