Lottery Results for Saturday 16th May, 2015

Jackpot winners were thin on the ground in the Saturday night lottery games this week, with no players landing the top prizes offered by the Powerball, SuperEnalotto, Irish Lotto or UK Lotto games. The good news is that the Australian Saturday Lotto game went against the broader pattern by creating multiple winners, and consolation prizes – some of them genuinely life-changing – were landed by millions of players. The lottery results for Saturday 16th May were as follows…

Lottery Results for Saturday 16th May, 2015

UK Lotto

07 – 11 – 15 – 32 – 46 – 48 Bonus Ball: 17

The midweek Lotto jackpot had rolled over on Wednesday 13th May, and that gave players the larger than usual sum of £5.7 million to play for last night, but no ticket was able to match all six main numbers that were drawn. Six tickets matched five of the main numbers as well as the Bonus Ball, and that achievement won each a prize of £57,382. Another 282 tickets won £1,036 each by matching five main numbers only, and over 289,000 entries won smaller prizes at the lower levels. The Lotto Raffle game created 50 winners of £20,000 each, and the next Lotto game on Wednesday 20th May will now offer a double rollover jackpot worth an estimated £7.4 million.

Irish Lottery

18 – 19 – 28 – 32 – 35 – 44 Bonus Ball: 29

Saturday night Irish lottery players were chasing a relatively young jackpot of €2.5 million this week, but that prize proved just a little too difficult to capture. No ticket succeeded in winning a second tier prize either, but 36 entries were able to match five main numbers to win a prize of €1,682 each. There were 83 tickets that won €183 each by matching four main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, and more than 29,000 entries won smaller prizes. The next Irish Lottery game will now offer a jackpot worth an estimated €3 million.


03 – 32 – 39 – 65 – 75 – 76 Jolly: 51 SuperStar: 57

The jackpot which eluded players in the SuperEnalotto game last night was worth an estimated €12.2 million, but the silver lining was that a single ticket matched the five main numbers and the Jolly number required to win a second tier prize of €315,202. Another four tickets matched five main numbers only to win €59,100 each, and over 22,000 tickets won smaller prizes. Over 45,000 SuperStar entries also won prizes, and the next SuperEnalotto game will boast a jackpot worth around €12.5 million.


24 – 29 – 38 – 48 – 52 Powerball: 32

A jackpot worth $110 million attracted Powerball players in their droves last night, but none of them succeeded in landing it. The good news in this game was that four players matched all five main numbers, giving each of them a second tier prize worth $1 million. There were 20 tickets that matched four main numbers plus the Powerball to win $10,000 each, and more than 362,000 tickets won smaller sums by matching fewer numbers. There were over 84,000 Power Play entries that also won prizes, and the jackpot in the next game will be worth an advertised $121 million.

Australian Saturday Lotto

10 – 15 – 16 – 26 – 30 – 45 Supplementary Numbers: 12 and 21

The Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot reverted to its regular levels last night after the special AU$20 million prize of the previous week, and weighed in at a final value of AU$4,169,149. Five tickets won their owners an equal share of that sum by matching all six main numbers, so the winners are now AU$833,829 better off than they were previously. Another 76 tickets picked up a Division 2 prize of AU$7,454 each by matching five main numbers and one of the supplementary numbers, and over 524,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching fewer numbers. There will be another jackpot of around AU$4 million in the next game on Saturday 23rd May.

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