Lottery Results for Saturday 11th January 2014

The lottery results for Saturday 11th January, 2014, saw one player scoop a rollover jackpot worth more than £7.5 million in the UK Lotto game, and that wasn’t the only big win by any means. Eight players shared the Australian Saturday Lotto jackpot and millions of players around the world were lucky enough to win consolation prizes – some of which were very large indeed. If you haven’t yet checked your tickets, grab them now and we’ll tell you exactly what happened in all of the most popular games…

Lottery Results for Saturday 11th January 2014

UK Lotto

22 – 23 – 25 – 27 – 28 – 46 Bonus Ball: 24

Pink coloured balls dominated proceedings in the Saturday night UK Lotto game, and one ticket succeeded in matching all six main numbers to win a rollover jackpot with a final value of £7,505,717. The second tier saw 24 tickets match five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball number to win £17,985 each, and the total number of prizes landed at the lower levels exceeded 301,000. Another 100 prizes of £20,000 each were awarded in the Lotto Raffle game, and you can view all of the winning numbers, as well as the full Lotto prize schedule, by visiting the Results page at

Irish Lottery

02 – 03 – 10 – 14 – 24 – 41 Bonus Ball: 01

The Irish Lottery jackpot was worth €2,563,380 to any player who could match all six main numbers last night, but sadly there was no such player. No ticket managed to match five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball either, but 54 tickets matched five main numbers only to win €1,216 each and more than 41,000 tickets won smaller prizes. The next Irish Lottery game this Wednesday 15th January will offer a jackpot of around €3 million, and if you want to see the complete prize schedule for the latest draw you can do so by visiting the Results page at

Health Lottery

21 – 22 – 39 – 44 – 45 Bonus Ball: 19

The Health Lottery game introduced a new batch of Hot Ticket consolation prizes last night. Those prizes aren’t a permanent fixture, but will be available for several weeks and should give players even more reason to try their luck with the game. No player was able to match all five of the main numbers last night, so no player won the top prize of £100,000, but more than 7,000 tickets won consolation prizes of some kind, so well done to everyone concerned.


11 – 37 – 39 – 52 – 68 – 90 Jolly: 12 SuperStar: 56

The Saturday night SuperEnalotto game offered a jackpot worth €24.3 million, and the Tuesday game next week will offer an even bigger jackpot of around €24.8 million after no player proved able to match all six main numbers. There were eleven tickets that matched five main numbers only to win a third tier prize of €28,380 each, and over 39,000 tickets won smaller prizes by matching four or three main numbers.


10 – 15 – 33 – 48 – 54 Powerball: 34

The Powerball jackpot was worth an advertised $80 million last night, and it will be worth around $93 million in the next game on Wednesday thanks to yet another rollover. A second tier prize of $1 million was landed by a single ticket that matched the five main numbers only, whilst 15 tickets matched four main numbers and the Powerball number to win a third tier prize of $10,000 each. There were more than 345,000 consolation prizes won in the main game, and over 66,000 Power Play entries also won prizes.

Australian Saturday Lotto

07 – 14 – 23 – 27 – 38 – 40 Supplementary Numbers: 04 and 08

The Australian Saturday Lotto game returned to normal after the extra-special draw a week earlier, and last night’s jackpot had a final value of AUD$4,166,649. There were eight tickets that matched all six of the main numbers drawn, so each of their owners is now AUD$520,831 richer than they were previously. There were 64 tickets that matched five main numbers and one supplementary number to land a Division 2 prize worth AUD$8,864 each, and the total number of prizes won at the lower Divisions exceeded 640,000. Players will have another jackpot of around AUD$4 million to play for in the next game on Saturday 18th January.

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