Long-Time Lotto 6/49 Player Wins $25 Million Jackpot

A Canadian man has landed himself a Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize of $25 million after successfully matching the numbers 8, 22, 23, 36, 40 and 42 in the draw on Saturday 22nd January. Marc Lachance, of Gatineau, Quebec, had been playing the game for nearly 35 years, proving that persistence really does pay off.

Long-Time Lotto 6/49 Player Wins $25 Million Jackpot

The win may be taking some time to sink in, but the lucky lottery winner has already confirmed that he plans to share his newfound windfall with his three siblings. Once the selfless 54-year-old discovered he had secured the sizeable sum, his immediate thoughts turned to his family and how happy the money would make them.

Marc, who is unemployed and cares for his elderly mother, was part of a close knit family growing up and claims the decision to split his fortune was straightforward: “Since the first time I bought the tickets, I said if I win I will share with my siblings, always,” Marc told a reporters as he collected his winnings alongside his brother and two sisters.

Understandably, the win came as something of a shock for the siblings, whose ages range from 48 to 55. Marc’s sister, Christine, told reporters: “It's very overwhelming.  We just sit and think, ‘no that's not true, we didn't win that much money.’” The family members currently live in various locations around Quebec, but this win could help them forge even tighter bonds than they already share.

The Lachance family weren’t the only Gatineau residents celebrating Lotto 6/49 success over the weekend. Fortune shone brightly on Louis Laroche and Stephanie Boucher Lacroix, who won $1 million in the Guaranteed Prize Draw on Saturday. Louis explained how the couple were en route to his parent’s house for dinner when they stopped to buy some chocolate. While making their purchase, the pair also splashed out on a lottery ticket. “I asked him to look at the ticket. I heard him fall on his knees and yell, ‘We won the million dollars. We won!’” Smiled Stephanie.      

If you would like to win a Lotto 6/49 prize of your own, tickets are available to buy online or from any authorised retailer throughout Canada. Best of luck!

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