Last EuroMillions Jackpot of 2014 is Worth £11 Million (€15 Million)

Tonight will be the last chance for EuroMillions players to grab a multi-million pound jackpot on the game in 2014 with a possible £11 million (€15 million) available to really kick off your New Year celebrations.

Last EuroMillions Jackpot of 2014 is Worth £11 Million (€15 Million)

EuroMillions has witnessed a hugely exciting year with four nine-figure jackpots being claimed, ranging from the £107.9 million (€129.3 million) bagged by mechanic Neil Trotter of the UK on 14th March, up to the jackpot cap win of €190 million snapped up by a Portuguese ticket holder on 24th October.

Another big EuroMillions news story from 2014 was the change made to the UK’s supplementary game, as Millionaire Raffle became Millionaire Maker. Although the rules for a standard draw remained the same - one UK EuroMillions player has their code drawn and wins themselves £1 million - it was the introduction of Mega Friday which caught the imagination of lottery fans.

Friday October 31st was the first Millionaire Maker draw and also the first Mega Friday event, in which numerous players win £1 million in addition to a luxurious non-cash prize. Occurring on the last Friday of every month, October’s draw sent 25 winners to an exclusive VIP island in Australia, while November saw 10 players choose a holiday to Australia, Brazil or Peru and December’s prize for 10 lucky ticket holders was a trip to see the Northern Lights in Canada.

For your chance to win yourself a fine £11 million jackpot to round off 2014 in style, you will need to buy your EuroMillions tickets before the cut-off time of 7:30pm GMT (8:30pm CET) tonight. Good luck and hopefully it will be a very happy new year!

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