Jackpot Boost For Californian Mega Millions Winner

As the wait goes on for the winner of Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot to come forward, the lucky ticket holder can look forward to getting their hands on an even bigger prize than originally thought. The jackpot for the draw had initially been advertised as an astonishing $188 million, but ticket sales eventually drove the final top prize up to $191 million.

One player from California matched the numbers 17, 37, 53, 54 and 61, plus the Mega Ball 8, having bought their ticket at Primm Valley Lotto in Nipton, San Bernardino. They can now decide whether to take the full jackpot amount, spread over 30 annual instalments, or a one-off cash sum of $114.1 million.

Primm Valley Lotto will also benefit from the jackpot by receiving a $955,000 retailer bonus just for selling the winning ticket. It is already the store which sells the largest number of California Lottery tickets, and news of the big winner could lead to even more customers playing the game this week.

There was no winner of the Mega Millions jackpot last night, pushing the top prize up to $20 million for the next draw on Friday. The game can be played online or via authorised retailers in any of the participating jurisdictions.

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