Ithuba Set to Modernise South African National Lottery

Ithuba Holdings, a private company based in Sandton, Johannesburg, has been awarded the third operating licence for the South African National Lottery and is moving quickly to update the brand and create a more attractive user experience for players. Plans for the near future include a partnership with industry leaders GTECH as well as with Vodacom, the country’s biggest mobile provider, in order to create a more modern infrastructure.

Ithuba Set to Modernise South African National Lottery

Vodacom is set to hand over 11,000 SIM cards to Ithuba, who will use them to connect lottery terminals in retail locations across the country so that payments can be made to prize winners as soon as possible. The chief officer of Vodacom Business, Vuyani Jarana, commented that the move will help Ithuba create more lottery players in South Africa by ensuring that they are better connected to the system no matter where they are in the country.

The company, created by the Zamani Equity Fund, is set to take over from Gidani in June of this year after bidding for the licence in 2013. A legal battle between Ithuba and Gidani ensued, with the current operator trying to prevent Ithuba, marketed at the time as Zamani Gaming, from taking over the National Lottery.

In a statement made shortly after the licence was awarded to Ithuba, chairman Seth Phalatse commented that the company was looking forward to “taking up the operation of this engine for good causes, entertainment and for the lucky few, a life-changing experience.”

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