Irish Couple Left Delighted After Double Lotto Win

A couple from Ireland are counting their blessings after winning two five-figure lottery prizes in the space of just two days.The anonymous husband and wife, from Duleek in Co Meath, successfully claimed over €100,000 of prize money after purchasing their separate game entries from the same store.

Irish Couple Left Delighted After Double Lotto Win

The lucky pair told officials at National Lottery headquarters in Dublin that their winning streak started on Thursday 27th April, when the wife discovered that she had won €10,000 after playing Telly Bingo, a game that requires players to mark off numbers on a pre-printed bingo ticket as they are drawn on TV.

Feeling they were on a lucky streak, the husband eagerly awaited the weekend’s Irish Lotto draw, having bought his ticket from the same Eurospar shop as his partner. Much to the couple’s delight, their luck held as they matched five of the six main numbers drawn and the Bonus Ball to scoop a prize worth €92,652.  

The couple later revealed that their win would not have been possible had it not been for someone very close to their hearts. Both games coincided with the anniversary of  the death of their son, with the Telly Bingo entry marking the date of his passing and the Lotto ticket being purchased on the anniversary of his funeral. “We really believe he was up there looking after us,” the wife smiled. “It is such a coincidence that our wins came at this time. On the day of Telly Bingo I had gone to my son’s grave to clean it up and say a prayer.”     

The prosperous pair will now spend some time planning on how best to spend their money, but insisted: “We won’t be going mad!” However, they did have one or two thoughtful ideas in mind: “We have a few Holy Communions in the family this month so this will certainly help towards that. And we will do a few jobs on the house also,” they beamed.

If you would like to win an Irish Lotto prize of your own, entry into this Saturday’s draw, when the jackpot will be worth an estimated €12.5 million, couldn’t be simpler. You can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer throughout Ireland. Stay lucky!

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