Irish Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2017 Tickets Go on Sale

Irish Christmas Millionaire Raffle tickets have gone on sale for this year’s event, which sees one player in the country pick up €1 million on New Year’s Eve. One of the most hotly anticipated dates in the Irish lottery calendar, a further 5,055 ticket holders will earn cash rewards on the last day of 2017.

Irish Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2017 Tickets Go on Sale

How to Play Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Players must visit any authorised retailer in Ireland and pay €25 for a ticket bearing a unique code. It is also possible to play online. Every code generated is entered into the draw, which takes place on the evening of Sunday 31st December, with 5,056 being dispensed at random to award their owners prizes ranging from €500 to €1 million.

There are just 500,000 entries on sale and only those bought by players are eligible for the draw, meaning that all 5,056 prizes will be won on the night. Sales started on Wednesday 1st November and will run until 10pm on New Year’s Eve or until all 500,000 combinations have been sold, whichever comes first.

Christmas Millionaire Raffle Prizes

This year’s Millionaire Raffle will offer even more prizes than the 3,176 snapped up in 2016. Here is a full breakdown of the 2017 Christmas Millionaire Raffle prizes:

Prize Value Number of Winners
€1 million 1
€250,000 1
€100,000 4
€10,000 10
€5,000 25
€1,000 115
€500 4,900

In all, €4.44 million-worth of awards will be distributed across Ireland, which is 35.52% of the proceeds from ticket sales if all the combinations are sold.

How to Claim Christmas Millionaire Raffle Prizes

You have 90 days from the date of the draw to claim your Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2017 prizes, meaning you must make contact with Irish National Lottery officials by 31st March. Some retailers can pay out wins of up to €2,500 at their discretion, or you can visit any An Post Company Office claim centre to receive awards up to €15,000. For a larger prize, you must visit lottery HQ in Dublin. For big wins, you are advised to sign the back of the winning ticket and contact the National Lottery as soon as possible.

If you play online and win €500, the lottery will send you a cheque automatically. For awards between €501 and €9,999, you must fill out a claim for and verify your age and ID with the lottery company before they release your cheque. For prizes worth more than €10,000, you must head to the lottery’s head offices.

2016 Christmas Millionaire Raffle Winner

You should check your tickets thoroughly once the draw has been held, so as not to follow in the footsteps of last year’s Christmas Millionaire Raffle winner. The player, who bought their ticket in Cork, failed to come forward within the 90-day claim period and forfeited their €1 million prize.

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