Huge Lotto Prizes Could Expire by Christmas

Three Lotto players are due huge payouts from tickets which will all expire this month unless their owners come forward. The three ticket holders hit the jackpot in two different draws in June but none have started the claims process, suggesting that their tickets have been lost or simply forgotten about.

Huge Lotto Prizes Could Expire by Christmas

Two players have prizes due from the Lotto draw on Saturday June 21st, in which they and six other players each matched all six main numbers to share a pot of £3.1 million. The unclaimed awards of £389,998 are linked to tickets bought in Trafford in Manchester and Colchester in Essex, so if you are likely to have picked up your Lotto entries in either of those places, now is the time to root through all of your old pairs of jeans and turn out your handbags. You have until Thursday 18th December to claim your cash.

A ticket bought in Ealing, London for the draw on Saturday 28th June 2014 is worth £1,045,504 to its owner, should they find it before the cut-off point of Christmas Day. The winner was one of five players to match all six main numbers on that date. The lottery operator has already tried to raise awareness in the area, reserving a VIP seat in a rooftop cinema in the borough for the unwitting millionaire, but so far to no avail. Imagine how exciting it would be to discover now that you could be a millionaire in time for the festive period!

Remembering what happened around the time of the Lotto draw might remind you where you placed your ticket. The June 21st draw came in the middle of the World Cup, on the day that Germany drew with Ghana and Argentina beat Iran 1-0. You may have even bought it on the Thursday before the draw and hopefully not torn have it up and thrown it away in frustration at England’s defeat to Uruguay on that day!

For more information on big money tickets that are still to be claimed, visit the Unclaimed Prizes page of

Lotto players have 180 days from the day of the winning draw in which to claim their winnings, if no one produces the lucky ticket before the deadline, the money will be moved into the Good Causes Fund, which helps fund worthy projects across the United Kingdom. One way to ensure that you will never misplace a Lotto ticket is to buy them online, where they will always be associated with your account and you will receive an email to notify you that your ticket has won a prize.

Lotto returns tonight with a jackpot worth an estimated £2.1 million and 50 more Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000.

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