Huge Lottery Jackpots on Offer Around the World

There are some mighty lottery jackpots on offer around the world at the moment, which are sure to set the pulses of players racing as they snap up their tickets. Working hours will be whiled away this week by hopeful ticket holders dreaming of how they will spend the eight and nine-figure payouts from some of the world’s favourite draw games.

Huge Lottery Jackpots on Offer Around the World

America’s prestigious Powerball lottery has seen its jackpot roll since a single player in California picked up $110 million on Saturday 1st August, meaning that Wednesday’s top prize will now be worth $185 million. This is the biggest the jackpot has been since Maria Herrera of Arizona picked up $188.9 million on Wednesday 3rd June, although she opted to take the cash option of $119.9 million.

Although $185 million would be a fantastic prize for anybody to bag, the jackpot has some way to go before it beats Wednesday 11th February’s $564.1 million bounty, shared by players in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas.

Spain’s La Primitiva lottery passed its previous record jackpot of €70.2 million on Thursday 27th August, and it is still growing! This Thursday, players from across Spain, as well as those who take advantage of online concierge services to buy lottery tickets for big-money games worldwide, will have a mighty €86 million to aim for if they can match all six main balls and the Reintegro number.

No matter which world lotteries you choose to play, grab your lucky rabbit foot, four-leaf clover and touch all the wood you can find because you never know - the mansions, sports cars and VIP holidays you’ve always dreamed of could soon be a reality thanks to these great games.

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