How Would You Spend Tonight’s £76 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?

With a jackpot worth an estimated £76 million (€88 million) up for grabs, excitement is growing amongst EuroMillions fans ahead of tonight’s draw. The top prize has been rolling over since Tuesday 27th December, and has left many players dreaming of a huge win to help cure the January blues. So, how would you spend an eight-figure lottery prize?

How Would You Spend Tonight’s £76 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?

There is no doubting that tonight’s jackpot would change the life of any potential winner. Imagine being able to buy the house of your dreams and a luxury, top-of-the-range car and still have enough money remaining to treat yourself to all the rest and relaxation time anybody could ever need.

With such a vast figure in the bank, retirement would certainly be an option for many, whiling away the days and months doing what you like, when you like. But if you prefer to remain active in the world of work, perhaps you could  invest a portion of your newfound wealth in that one project you’ve always dreamed of developing and build your business empire from scratch? With £76 million (€88 million) in your back pocket, the sky’s the limit.

Or maybe not! A EuroMillions win would allow you to go where only a handful of people have gone before and travel into space with the Virgin Galactic project. With tickets costing around $250,000 apiece, a huge win would allow you to purchase multiple passes and enjoy soaring beyond the Earth’s atmosphere with your nearest and dearest.

Alternatively, you could explore the planet around you first by jet off to anywhere you desire, taking in the wonders of all seven continents. You could take in the delights of Dubai, soak up the sun in the Seychelles or live amongst the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Your whole life could be transformed into one sensational gap year.        

So, if you would like to write your name in the EuroMillions history books by becoming the first jackpot winner of 2017, tickets for tonight’s draw are available to buy online or from any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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