How Would You Spend A £118 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?

One of the largest EuroMillions jackpots of the year - and all time - is up for grabs on Tuesday night after another rollover pushed the top prize up to a sensational £118 million (€135 million). Twelve draws have passed since a syndicate of catering girls from Neath Port Talbot Hospital won £25.4 million on Friday 3rd November, and now a lucky player somewhere in Europe could be about to make their dreams come true.

How Would You Spend A £118 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?


If you are fortunate enough to land the jackpot this week, you could splash out on a few extravagant purchases just in time for Christmas. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi has put up a 13-metre-tall tree, studded with jewels, which is reportedly valued at around £8 million.

There might not be room for it in your front room just at the moment, but with £118 million in your back pocket you could also buy a luxurious mansion with a grand hall. London’s Kensington Palace Gardens is rated as Britain’s richest street, with an average value of £35.6 million, while Grosvenor Crescent is second on the list with an average value of £21.9 million.

Big EuroMillions Prizes

Of course, you don’t even have to win the jackpot to enjoy a significant financial boost. Even one of the smaller prizes might help towards some magnificent Christmas presents, while bigger rewards could help to pay off your mortgage and provide a more stable future for loved ones.

When the jackpot is large and more players enter the game, it means there are bigger prize pools for all the different tiers. The money has to be shared between winners, but if your numbers do come up you could just snag a bigger prize than in most regular draws.

If you fancy grabbing a EuroMillions prize before Christmas, you have to take part to be in with a chance of winning. You can either choose numbers online, or go to an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries. Best of luck!

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