How to Spend the £111 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday 14th October stands at £111 million (€142 million), and although winning the top prize would solve many of life’s troubles, it would also raise a very different concern - how on earth would you spend all of that money? Suddenly finding yourself with more cash in the bank than musicians Brian May and George Michael (both worth £105 million) would allow you to instantly drop the daily grind and surround yourself in the trappings of luxury without having to strum a single chord.

How to Spend the £111 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

The first purchase you’d need to make in your quest to live like an A-lister is a suitable pad, so you might be interested in the exclusive One Hyde Park development in London’s fancy Knightsbridge area. Overlooking the gorgeous green space of the park and the shimmering Serpentine, you could move into a five-bedroom apartment with a 65-metre hall connecting the park wing to the city wing and its own spectacular views over the nation’s capital.

High-spec city living doesn’t come cheap, but at fifty quid under £65 million, you would still have almost half of your windfall left.

Next on your shopping list would be a high-class car and, if you’re tired out from pacing up and down that long hallway, then the easiest and closest option would be to visit the McLaren dealership situated underneath the apartments at One Hyde Park. The Formula One team’s much vaunted P1 supercar will set you back £866,000 but, having scored 10/10 for performance from BBC’s Top Gear programme, you know you’re getting a decent product. It would also make the trip to do the weekly shop a lot more fun.

Living in Knightsbridge, it’s likely that your food store of choice would be Harrods, where you will be able to spend a few more of those pounds that are burning a hole in your bank account. Whilst you’re filling up your trolley with milk, bread and sandwich fillings for the kids, you might want to drop in a little fizz to help celebrate your good fortune. The Louis Roederer Cristal Gold Caged Jeroboam will set you back £18,000 for a bottle, which is well worth it considering that each bottle takes four days to create by two expert goldsmiths.

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