How Many Big Lottery Winners Keep Working?

If you won a big lottery prize, worked out the finances and realised you no longer needed to ever work again, would you quit your job or carry on? It is one of the first important decisions that a winner must face, and lucky players take very different directions.

How Many Big Lottery Winners Keep Working?


Six tradesmen from Sydney snapped up an Australian Powerball jackpot of AU$16.4 million in Thursday night’s draw, netting each member of the syndicate a fantastic AU$2.73 million. All the men are in their 20s and would normally have decades left before they could consider retirement, but they told NSW Lotteries that they would immediately ‘down tools’ and enjoy their winnings. Asked about their plans, the syndicate leader reportedly replied: “B***er going back to work! We’re all going to quit at the same time! I’m never going to work again!”

The idea of leaving a job straight away is often thought of as a fantasy for many lottery players, and Mavis Wanczyk from Southbridge in Massachusetts had no hesitation in quitting after winning an incredible $758.7 million in the US Powerball back in August. Having worked in health care for 32 years, the lucky lady, 53, called her employers and told them she wouldn’t be coming back within a day of her big win.


While the thought of an early retirement might be the driving force behind some ticket purchases, many players have no interest in quitting their jobs. A 47-year-old from Waikiki in Perth who won AU$1 million in Australia Saturday Lotto earlier this month said she had no desire to give up her job as a supermarket shift worker. She said: “I really enjoy my job so I’ll be heading to Woollies tonight for my usual shift.”

Brett McCoy, meanwhile, the winner of a Lotto Max jackpot worth CA$60 million with his partner Robin Walker, still works as a pipeline worker on an oilfield in Alberta. Speaking to the press a few weeks later, he said: “We're going to sit tight for a while and decide what the best things to do with it. There's so much to think about. We already had everything, and now we just have money as well."

New Business

A big lottery win can open up new opportunities for players who have their own business passions but have never been able to explore them fully without considerable financial muscle. Adrian Bayford, who won £148.6 million with then-wife Gillian on EuroMillions in 2012, ended up opening a new shop of his own, which sold music and film memorabilia.

What Would You Do?

Whether you would quit work straight away, carry on in your current role, think about going part-time or set up something new, you can cast your eye over some of the top lotteries in the world before taking part online or through a retailer.

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