How Lottery Winners Upgrade Their Homes

Have you ever wondered what sort of house you would live in after a huge lottery win? One of the top items on any lotto millionaire’s shopping list is a mansion that befits their new bank balance. However, with a lot of time on their hands after quitting work, and money burning a hole in their pockets, they often make elaborate upgrades to their new homes, just like these lottery winners.

How Lottery Winners Upgrade Their Homes

Roy Gibney, UK Lotto Winner

Roy Gibney of Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire was one of a string of Lotto and EuroMillions success stories from the fishing port, leading to it being dubbed ‘Winsby’. He picked up £7.4 million in 1998 and immediately left his job as a sheet metal worker before snapping up a six-bedroom pile for £375,000 to replace the two-bedroom home he’d spent the previous decade living in.

Roy put his mansion up for sale this week for a vastly increased £1.1 million as a result of some major additions he has made. The estate agent’s particulars show his impressive new games room with pool table and film projector, as well as a jacuzzi and steam room.

Perhaps the most notable project that Roy undertook once he had his hands on the keys to the house was to build a swimming pool with the details on his big win tiled into the floor. As you look down into the water, you can clearly see the words, “Roy Gibney. 7.5 million. 12, 13, 21, 23, 33, 36. 8 July 1998” depicted on the bottom.

Sean Lloyd, UK Lotto Winner

Sean Lloyd won £1.8 million on UK Lotto after stopping to pick up a penny from the floor outside a lottery retailer. Thinking that meant his luck was in, the bus driver from Ashton-under-Lyne went into the shop, bought a Lotto ticket and the rest is history.

Following his January 2015 success, Sean moved to a big countryside property in Cheshire and decided he would mark his unusual story in style. He erected a fountain in his garden depicting a giant hand with crossed fingers holding a lucky penny.

Irish Lotto Winners

When a young family from Dublin scooped €7.3 million on Irish Lotto in September 2015, they revealed their extensive wishlist. They were set on buying a pinball machine and popcorn maker, as well as moving to a new house with a slide built in “so we can get downstairs quicker”.

As the syndicate remained anonymous, no one knows whether they fulfilled their hilarious dream.

Become a Lottery Winner

If you want the chance to renovate a house in any manner of fun and crazy ways, you can play the world’s biggest lotteries wherever you live.

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