Here’s How You Could Win Powerball’s $650 Million Jackpot

It cannot have escaped the attention of lottery lovers around the world that the U.S Powerball jackpot has skyrocketed over the last few weeks and now sits at a colossal $650 million. If claimed, this will be the second largest lottery jackpot ever won, but it isn’t just American ticket holders who can profit from this gargantuan sum.

Ever since its launch in 1992, Powerball has been breaking records left, right and centre as it continuously offers bigger and better jackpot prizes. The popular multi-state game reached its peak in January 2016 when a top prize worth $1.58 billion was offered, a record total that sparked jackpot fever, not just in the U.S, but around the globe, as players from every continent eagerly picked their numbers in an effort to land the huge ten-figure reward.

This current jackpot has stirred up similar desires within citizens living in both the U.S and further afield, but while U.S nationals can pick up a ticket from their local authorised retailer, how can those residing outside of the 47 participating states and jurisdictions profit from the draw? The answer lies online in the form of lottery services such as

Such services allow players from almost every nation to pick their favourite numbers online for a chance to win big, and it is incredibly easy to do; here’s how:

  • Create an account - this is safe, secure and, more importantly, free.
  • Select your lucky numbers.
  • Pay for your entry using one of the various payment methods available.
  • Once complete, your entry will be confirmed via email.

Should you win, you will receive an email confirming your prize total, while the requisite funds will be transferred directly into your account. It is that simple.

So, if you would like to pocket $650 million this Wednesday and join the Powerball party, simply pick your numbers online or, if you reside within a participating state or jurisdiction, play via any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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