Happy Accidents Lead to Big Lottery Wins

Some lottery fans spend hours poring over statistics and recent results, hoping to find a pattern that will help them predict the next multimillion-pound winning line. However, two lottery players, hailing from the opposite sides of the planet, have recently found themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams thanks to a couple of fortuitous turns of fate.

Happy Accidents Lead to Big Lottery Wins

Lynn Groves, a 58-year-old care worker from Chelmsford in Essex, insists that an error by her local lottery retailer led to her buying a ticket bearing the winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code for the UK Lotto draw on Wednesday 24th February. Lynn asked the shopkeeper for her usual UK Lotto Lucky Dip tickets, but was handed an entry for EuroMillions instead. The grandmother of eight alerted him and he rectified the situation, printing off her winning UK Lotto entry seconds later.

This delay is what Lynn believes led to the randomly-assigned combination LIME 6762 2101 landing on her ticket. On picking up her winning cheque this week, she told the assembled press, “the shopkeeper, realising the mistake, ran off my tickets a few seconds later from the machine. I’m sure it’s those precious moments that made me a millionaire.”

As well as buying new cars for her children and paying for her grandchildren to visit Disneyland, Lynn has pledged to keep a promise she made to the manager of the Nisa Stores at which she bought the ticket and pay for him to fly to Australia. She will also treat the assistant whose error she believes led to her good fortune.

In Australia, a woman from Cairns was elated to find that she had become one of six players to share a AU$4 million Saturday Lotto jackpot on Saturday 27th February. Satisfied with her AU$674,052 slice of the pie, she told the press she was “doubly happy” when she discovered she had accidentally bought two tickets bearing the same numbers and was now due AU$1.3 million. The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, claims she accidentally selected two games whilst playing online.

Saturday Lotto, also known as Tattslotto, Gold Lotto and X Lotto, returns this Saturday with another AU$4 million jackpot on the same day as UK Lotto looks to give away £12.7 million. Keep your fingers crossed that luck is on your side!

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