GTECH Awarded 10 Year Contract with Belgian Lottery Operators

GTECH, the technology giant of the gaming world, has been awarded a ten year contract with Loterie Nationale, Belgium’s national lottery operators. The contract is an extension of GTECH’s current agreement and is expected to generate an estimated €125 million in revenue for the services and software provider over the next decade.

GTECH Awarded 10 Year Contract with Belgian Lottery Operators

Walter Bugno, GTECH’s international president and CEO, outlined the plans of the contract extension in a recent statement; “GTECH [will be] upgrading the lottery’s operating systems and its retailers with our latest product solutions and services that will create greater efficiencies and drive even higher sales growth.”

The latest lottery operating systems come in the form of GTECH’s highly advanced IMAGINE terminals. According to W. Bruce Turner, CEO of GTECH and Lottomatica, the machines combine the latest in digital camera technology with GTECH’s own patent-pending ImageCam Ware to provide a “reliable, flexible and efficient way to process lottery play slips and perform ticket validations using only one device.”

Turner added that the global corporation was excited to be continuing the partnership with Belgium’s national lottery and said “Loterie Nationale has a strong reputation and track record of technological innovation and we are pleased they have chosen GTECH for our industry-leading solutions."

GTECH have been providing Loterie Nationale with gaming services and systems since 1992 and, at present, Loterie Nationale has approximately 6,200 GTECH Altura® terminals connected to GTECH’s central system. The partnership is expected to launch 600 new IMAGINE terminals although an estimated time scale has not yet been revealed.

With the help of GTECH, Loterie Nationale generated sales of approximately €1.5 billion last year alone so it’s no surprise that this lucrative partnership has continued.

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