German Christmas Lottery Set For Launch

An exciting new annual draw is set to take place for the first time this December after plans were finalised for the German Christmas Lottery. Scheduled for Boxing Day and based on the hugely popular El Gordo Navidad in Spain, the Deutsche Weihnachtslotterie will give away thousands of prizes to players across Germany.

German Christmas Lottery Set For Launch

How will it work?

Players in Germany will be able to pay €20 for a German Christmas Lottery ticket and in return they will receive a five-digit code. On the day of the draw, 26th December, a series of winning codes will be selected at random and players with matching tickets will win the corresponding prizes.

However, it will not be quite the same as a traditional raffle as there is no limit to the amount of tickets that can be sold. There are 100,000 different number combinations in one series, but several series could be sold.

What will be the prizes?

The top prize will be €300,000, while other prizes will range from €20 to €25,000. Take a look at for a full list of prizes.

Does it help good causes?

The Navidad Foundation was granted a licence to run a Christmas Lottery in Germany so that money could be raised for good causes, as well as paying out thousands of prizes. The 2017 draw will help to support the German Children and Youth Foundation, a reading charity called Stiftung Lesen and the Lukas Podolski Foundation, an organisation set up by the football player to help sport and education in Germany.

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