Friday’s EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £37 Million (€47 Million)

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over for a fourth time after no ticket holder scooped the big prize in Tuesday’s night’s draw, which means that players will be eyeing up a very tasty potential jackpot of £37 million (€47 million) tonight.

Friday’s EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £37 Million (€47 Million)

Although no player matched main numbers 5, 25, 31, 39 and 45 and Lucky Stars 1 and 8 on Tuesday, there were still over one and a half million prizes dished out to some fortunate players, ranging from the £3 (€4.20) each awarded to 900,371 ticket holders who matched two main numbers to a whopping £369,962 (€508,288) each snapped up by two players who correctly matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

As with every EuroMillions draw, one lucky player in the UK became an instant millionaire by matching the Millionaire Raffle code PRS059299. To see a breakdown of all of the prizes from Tuesday night’s draw visit the Results Page at

After a week that saw big money deals flying about the world of football on transfer deadline day, any potential winner of tonight’s jackpot might be interested to know that they would be able to pay the wages of Manchester United’s new £300,000 per week recruit Radamel Falcao for a little over two years. However, we are sure that they would have their own plans for this life-changing amount of money if they won it!

Tickets are available now for tonight’s draw, where one UK player will win £1 million in the Millionaire Raffle and somebody could be starting the weekend celebrating a magnificent quadruple rollover win. You can buy tickets online and from authorised retailers, where you might bump into Red Devils boss Louis Van Gaal buying his ticket in a desperate bid to balance the football club’s books!

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