Fresh Jackpots for UK and Ireland

The Lotto games in the UK and Ireland will both offer fresh jackpots this week after several players managed to win a share of the top prize in each of the Saturday night draws. Five tickets matched all six main numbers in the UK Lotto game to share a jackpot worth £2,708,045, and six tickets shared a jackpot of €3,528,865 in the Irish Lottery game. That means the midweek draws this Wednesday will boast new jackpots of £2.3 million and €2 million, respectively.

Fresh Jackpots for UK and Ireland

The Irish Lottery game hasn’t delivered back-to-back jackpot wins since November 2013, so it will be very interesting to see if the jackpot is landed on Wednesday or whether it will roll to give players even more to aim for on Saturday. The UK Lotto game has been more cooperative as far as consecutive wins are concerned, but it has still seen two jackpot rollovers this year (on the 1st and 8th of the month) so players will be hoping that they aren’t due a third.

Three games that seem to be having more than their fair share of jackpot rollovers are the Powerball and Mega Millions games in the USA and the SuperEnalotto game in Italy. All of those games saw their jackpots roll again in their most recent draws, so there is plenty of cash up for grabs in the draws coming up in the next day or two.

The Mega Millions game on Tuesday will offer a jackpot of around $51 million, and the SuperEnalotto game on the same day will give players the chance to win €26.2 million. Then, on Wednesday, there will be a jackpot of $131 million up for grabs in the Powerball game.

EuroMillions fans can also play for a triple rollover jackpot of around €40 / £33 million this Tuesday, and we will be previewing that game tomorrow, so do check back for our rundown of the latest facts and stats. 

Written by Lottie McDonald

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