Four South Africa Lotto Players Split Record Jackpot

South Africa Lotto players have been urged to check their tickets after Saturday night’s record jackpot was split four ways. The top prize was worth an extraordinary R110 million following a run of 21 rollovers, and each of the winners has now become R27.5 million richer.

Four South Africa Lotto Players Split Record Jackpot

South Africa Lotto Results

The winning South Africa Lotto numbers for Saturday 27th January were 6, 7, 15, 21, 24 and 48, with Bonus Ball 16. Fans of the game across the country rushed to take part in the historic event, and over 330,000 prizes ended up being given away. Apart from the jackpot, the other awards ranged from R20 for matching two main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to R44,738 for matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

The jackpot had been steadily building since it was last won by a single player on Saturday 11th November, and broke into nine figures for the first time ever after last Wednesday’s draw came and went without a winner. South African National Lottery operator ITHUBA were delighted to announce that the huge jackpot had ‘managed to change not one but four lives with the R110 million guaranteed jackpot!’

Khensani Mabuza, ITHUBA’s Head of Marketing, said: “This is a first and we wish our four winners all the best. Our Winner Services department is ready and waiting to process each claim and will offer our complimentary emotional and financial counselling session.”

Winners’ Decisions

The ‘emotional and financial counselling session’ will help any winner to come to terms with their new-found wealth and plan sensibly for a brighter future. The lucky players have up to a year to come forward and claim their money, otherwise 50% of the prize will be donated to good causes in South Africa. Winners can also choose whether to keep their identity private or go public with their success story.

On a special night for South African lottery players, one lucky participant also snapped up R11.6 million on Lotto Plus 1. A single Powerball player had also won R8.4 million last Friday night.

The largest South African lottery prize currently up for grabs is now the R22 million in Powerball Plus, but there are a host of big jackpots to play for all week. Visit the South African Lottery page for more information about the different games on offer.

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