First EuroMillions Draw of 2015 Offers £11 Million Jackpot

Salads and water may have replaced cheese and wine as the new year begins, but players can still indulge in buying tickets for tonight’s EuroMillions draw without feeling an ounce of guilt. There’s an £11 million (€15 million) top prize on offer this evening, which would certainly be a welcome amount for those whose bank accounts are hurting after the festive season. Millionaire Maker is also offering a prize of £1 million to the player who can match the winning raffle code that will be selected after the main EuroMillions draw. Visit the Information Page at to learn more about this popular lottery game and its various supplementary games.

First EuroMillions Draw of 2015 Offers £11 Million Jackpot

Matching all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars drawn tonight would instantly solve all of your financial worries, allowing you to do whatever your heart desired. Perhaps you’re serious about getting in shape this year - grabbing an eight-figure windfall could easily cover the cost of your own exercise bike, power rack for weightlifting and an endless pool for your home.

The Lifecycle GX exercise bike is a great choice if you like the idea of cycling but are put off by the nasty winter weather. At £1,549 it would hardly put a dent into your bank balance if you won! An endless pool would let you swim laps all day and costs roughly £15,000 to install. Of course, if you took home £11 million tonight you could also afford the services of a personal trainer and a chef who could prepare healthy, satisfying meals. Starting a healthy lifestyle would be a breeze!

If your New Year’s resolution was to increase the size of your wallet and not your waistline, then you might want to give tonight’s EuroMillions draw a try. Sales are open until 7.30pm GMT (8.30pm CET) tonight and you can snap up a few entries online or from authorised retailers. Who knows - you might buy what could become the winning line! Good luck and have fun.

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