Find Out Why You Should be Playing EuroMillions Online

Lottery lovers across Europe are snapping up tickets ahead of this evening's EuroMillions draw, when a jackpot of £136 million (€153 million) will be up for grabs. Imagine the joy and jubilation that would accompany winning such a colossal sum of money. But now think of how utterly devastated you would feel if you missed out on claiming your life-changing prize.

Find Out Why You Should be Playing EuroMillions Online

Unclaimed Irish Lotto Prize

That is exactly the feeling that awaits one Irish Lotto Plus 2 player who recently missed out on a €250,000 jackpot. The unsuspecting ticket holder failed to claim their reward before the deadline on Friday 15th September, an occurrence that prompted National Lottery officials to confirm: “the Lotto Plus two prize of €250,000 from June 17 has now expired. Typically around 2% [of prizes] remain unclaimed in any given year.”  So is there a way to avoid the misery of missing out on a lottery win?

Perils of Physical EuroMillions Tickets

While clutching a physical ticket as it secures a sizeable sum of cash might be a rewarding experience (literally), keeping your precious playslip safe can prove difficult. If you carry your entry around, you run the risk of misplacing it, while storing it at home requires you to select a memorable place. However, if you pick your numbers online, you can cut out the fuss and bypass carelessness as your digits remain digitally housed.

Benefits of Playing Online

Playing online allows you to easily select you favourite numbers and check the results after the draw has taken place, either from the comfort of your own home or on the go. You will receive an email detailing the results of your selected draw and how much money you have won. If you use a lottery betting site to choose your numbers, you can also avoid the hassle of having to claim your prize as any money is transferred directly to your account. And if you win the jackpot, you’ll be contacted by a member of the online support team and advised on what to do next.

Beginning your online lottery journey with sites such as is simple and usually takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Register an account, select your numbers and pay for your entry using one of the many payment methods on offer - It’s that easy! So why not try it ahead of tonight’s £136 million jackpot draw? Good luck!

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