European Millionaire Maker Set for Inaugural Draw

EuroMillions players everywhere will be given an extra chance to become a millionaire on Friday night as a special new game is launched to guarantee multiple big winners across the continent. There will be 25 millionaires created in the first draw, and all ticket holders are automatically entered as soon as they play EuroMillions.

European Millionaire Maker Set for Inaugural Draw

Known as European Millionaire Maker in the UK and by different names in the other participating countries, such as EuroMillionaires Raffle Draw in Ireland, Pluies de Millionnaires in France and Lluvia de Millones in Spain, the game was announced as part of the changes that were introduced to EuroMillions in September.

Draws will only be held on select occasions throughout the year, but there is no additional charge to play. The game takes the form of a raffle and works in exactly the same way as the UK Millionaire Maker or France’s My Million. A unique raffle code will be printed on every EuroMillions ticket sold, consisting of four letters and five numbers, and winners will then be announced straight after the main EuroMillions draw.

Winning codes are selected at random, guaranteeing that each lucky player will bag £1 million/€1 million. It does not matter whether a player has won a prize on the main EuroMillions game or not, their ticket will be entered into the raffle draw and have as much chance as winning as any other. The starting letter of the code corresponds to the country where the ticket was sold, so UK players, for example, will always have a code which begins with H, J, M, T, V, X or Z.  Find out more about the European Millionaire Maker ahead of its launch.

As well as the exciting new raffle, EuroMillions players will have the opportunity to try and win a jackpot of £15 million (€17 million) on Friday. A top prize of £44.7 million (€50.1 million) was won by a single player from Belgium on Tuesday night, extending a fabulous recent run for the country.

A Belgian ticket holder also won an enormous £153.3 million (€168 million) on Tuesday 11th October, making him the biggest winner of the year. It remains to be seen whether Belgium’s luck will continue in the European Millionaire Maker and the country produces a number of the winning codes, but it promises to be a thrilling draw throughout all nine participating nations. Tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers or by playing online. Best of luck!

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