EuroMillions Triple Rollover Hogs Limelight

The EuroMillions lottery game will be the one that hogs the limelight this Tuesday thanks to it offering players a triple rollover jackpot worth an estimated £33 million (€39 million). That is quite a bit more than the $28 million which will be up for grabs in the Mega Millions game, and it also squarely beats the €13.5 million that will be available to SuperEnalotto players. Whether the EuroMillions jackpot will be landed at the fourth time of asking, or roll again, remains to be seen.

EuroMillions Triple Rollover Hogs Limelight

In our Tuesday preview last week we mentioned that some EuroMillions numbers which had been highlighted as being most overdue were cropping up. Well, it happened again – albeit to a lesser extent – on Friday, thanks to the most overdue Lucky Star number 04 finally making an appearance. It is also worth noting than one of the most commonly picked main numbers also appeared, and that was the number 19.

There is no magic in following so-called hot or cold numbers, and you certainly won't get any mathematical advantage by doing so, but if you are a fan of EuroMillions Statistics then it makes sense to include one or more such numbers on your entries. The most overdue main numbers right now are 09, 14, 48, 31 and 15, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 06 and 01. For those who prefer to follow the most often picked numbers, the main ones to consider are 50, 04, 19, 44 and 38, along with with the Lucky Star numbers 05 and 02.

The last EuroMillions jackpot was landed on Tuesday 1st April, so it hasn't been very long since someone managed to beat the odds and become a multi-millionaire as a result. Even so, players are as keen as ever to bring the current sequence of rollovers to an end, and a significant percentage will choose to improve their chances of doing that by purchasing several entries. Anyone who would like to generate their numbers entirely at random can do so by using the free Random Number Generator at

Whilst the EuroMillions game and its triple rollover jackpot will dominate headlines this week, the Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto games are also very capable of stealing its thunder, especially if one of them delivers and the EuroMillions jackpot rolls again. Will that happen? Stay tuned and you'll soon find out!

Written by Lottie McDonald

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