EuroMillions Tips For Choosing Numbers For Friday’s £110 Million Draw

Another EuroMillions rollover last night has catapulted the estimated jackpot for Friday’s game to a magical £110 million (€126 million). As players from Antwerp to Zurich dream about what they might do with such a fortune, they might also be considering how to go about choosing their numbers. Whether you’re new to the game or just fancy a change from your normal line, here are a few strategies you could try:

EuroMillions Tips For Choosing Numbers For Friday’s £110 Million Draw

Increase Your Chances

The only way to increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions jackpot is to enter more lines. It may not be a realistic option to play a lot of combinations in most draws, but many participants decide to buy multiple tickets when the top prize becomes large.

One way to boost your chances without splashing more cash on tickets is to join a syndicate. If you have a group of ten, for example, you could play ten lines whilst only spending as much as you would on one. Any prize the syndicate wins would obviously have to be shared amongst the group, but you are more likely to see a return and can all enjoy the success together.

Increase Your Prize

While the EuroMillions jackpot builds steadily each time it is not won - up to a maximum of €190 million - the other prizes vary from draw to draw as the amounts are based on how many winners there are in each tier. It is therefore a good idea to try and consider which numbers aren’t going to be selected by other players, so that if you do win you are less likely to have to share the money. Many participants like to use important dates such as birthdays, or patterns which are easy to remember, so using a random selection gives you the best chance of keeping the jackpot all to yourself.


Another popular method with players is to explore EuroMillions statistics. The luckiest EuroMillions numbers - those which have been drawn the most often - are 50, 19, 44, 37 and 4, along with Lucky Stars 8 and 3. Alternatively, you might think that those numbers which have not been drawn recently are set to make an appearance, and the most overdue numbers are 38, 47, 49, 8 and 15, with Lucky Stars 6 and 1.

Don’t Miss Out

Regardless of whether you join a syndicate, pick random numbers, base your selection on statistics or just stick to your regular line, the only way to give yourself a chance of winning is to take part. You can choose numbers online now, or visit an authorised retailer in any of the nine participating countries.

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