EuroMillions Superdraw Worth €100 Million Called for 6th November

EuroMillions fans are in for a treat on Friday 6th November, when a Superdraw will offer a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (roughly £71 million). The last time a Superdraw was called was Friday 5th June, when the jackpot rolled twice before a UK player matched all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to bank £93.3 million (€129.2 million).

EuroMillions Superdraw Worth €100 Million Called for 6th November

Superdraws occur at various points during the year, offering a nine-figure jackpot, boosted by the EuroMillions Reserve Fund. Earlier in 2015, a Portuguese ticket holder won the €100 million in the Superdraw on Friday 6th March. After the Superdraw on Friday 3rd October 2014, the top prize rolled six times to reach the jackpot cap of €190 million for the draw on Friday 24th October. Another Portuguese player snapped up the cash on that occasion, equalling the biggest-ever EuroMillions jackpot won.

EuroMillions Superdraws work in exactly the same way as a regular draw, the only difference being that the jackpot is a guaranteed €100 million. Tickets remain at the usual price and your odds of bagging the big prize do not shift.

Many people will consider joining a lottery syndicate to maximise their chances of winning the Superdraw jackpot on offer. By becoming a member of a EuroMillions group, you benefit from having many more tickets played on your behalf than you would be able to afford as an individual and, although you have to share the prize, even a slice of €100 million could potentially mean you never had to work again!

The game returns tonight with the starting jackpot of £11 million (€15 million) on offer after a UK player pocketed £11 million on Friday night. EuroMillions tickets are on sale now and you can stake your claim for an eight-figure fortune online or from authorised retailers in any of the participating nations.

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