EuroMillions Superdraw Takes Place Tonight Touting a Top Prize of £80 Million

EuroMillions is hosting another Superdraw tonight, giving players across Europe the chance to win a jumbo jackpot worth £80 million*. Tonight’s draw is the first Superdraw to be held this year but is the 12th of its kind since the lottery’s inception in 2004.

EuroMillions Superdraw Takes Place Tonight Touting a Top Prize of £80 Million

Although there have been numerous Superdraws in the history of EuroMillions, they are usually only held twice a year so some players may be unfamiliar with their format. While Superdraws differ from regular EuroMillions draws by offering a bigger jackpot, their format is exactly the same; to scoop the top prize, a player must match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars. If no ticket successfully matches all seven numbers the jackpot will roll over to the following draw. Of the 12 supersized jackpots offered in the EuroMillions Superdraws over the past seven years, only five have been won on the night of Superdraw.

The last EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot was claimed by one lucky player from Spain on 15th November 2013. The anonymous Spaniard matched all seven numbers to secure a top tier win worth £80 million (€100 million). Spain has been particularly lucky in EuroMillions Superdraws, securing two of the five jackpots that were won on the night on the draw.

For your chance to win it big and scoop tonight’s impressive jackpot, make sure you’ve bought your tickets in plenty of time. Ticket can be purchased online through or in person from an authorised retailer.

*EuroMillions guarantee a jackpot of €100 million which, under current exchange rates, converts to approximately £80 million. However, this amount is subject to fluctuation.

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