EuroMillions Superdraw Announced for Friday 5th June 2015

The next EuroMillions Superdraw is just over a fortnight away and will offer a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million (estimated sterling value of £70 million) on Friday 5th June. These special games generate a flurry of excitement as players across Europe and the UK grab tickets and dream about how they’d spend a truly life-altering sum of money.

EuroMillions Superdraw Announced for Friday 5th June 2015

The last Superdraw was held on Friday 6th March and offered a £72.1 million (€100 million) prize that was grabbed by a Portuguese player on the night. However, Superdraw jackpots can roll over and have done so in the past, making for an exciting few draws that dance around - or hit - the jackpot cap. The Superdraw scheduled for Friday 3rd October 2014 triggered a series of rollovers that saw the top prize reach the cap of €190 million for the draw on Friday 24th October, when it was won by another Portuguese participant.

You don’t need to do anything extra to take part in a Superdraw - the price of tickets remains the same, as do the rules of the game. However, with the jackpot being so huge, you might want to consider forming a syndicate, buying additional tickets or changing up how you choose your numbers. While it all comes down to luck for every EuroMillions draw, it can’t hurt to snap up a few extra lines or club together with friends, family or coworkers when there's such a huge windfall on the line.

While the Superdraw may feel as if it’s a long way off, there will be several EuroMillions draws in between to whet your appetite for lottery games. Tonight’s game will feature a rollover jackpot worth £15 million (€21 million) after no ticket holder could clinch the top prize on Friday. Tickets can be purchased online or from authorised retailers in any of the participating EuroMillions countries. Good luck!

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