EuroMillions Strategies For €190 Million Jackpot Draw

The EuroMillions draw tonight is set to attract players from all corners of the continent after the jackpot soared to a sensational £169 million (€190 million). While many regular participants are sure to stick to their favourite numbers, newcomers may be wondering if there are strategies which can improve their chances of winning. Here are a few suggestions:

EuroMillions Strategies For €190 Million Jackpot Draw


What are the luckiest EuroMillions numbers? The numbers which have been drawn the most frequently in the 13-year history of the game are 50, 44, 19, 10 and 4, with Lucky Stars 8 and 9. Alternatively, you might decide that those balls which have not appeared much recently are due to be drawn, and the most overdue numbers ahead of Friday night are 34, 23, 16, 33 and 22, with Lucky Stars 10 and 8.

Random Numbers

Each combination of numbers has an identical chance of being drawn, so it may be better to consider which numbers aren’t going to be selected by other players. You are therefore less likely to have to share the jackpot or a big prize if you do win. A lot of participants like to use significant dates such as birthdays, or patterns such as multiples of seven, so playing a random set of numbers is your best chance of keeping the jackpot all to yourself.

System Entries

The only way to guarantee winning the EuroMillions jackpot is to buy all 139,838,160 combinations of numbers, but there are systems you could use to try and boost your chances of winning. For example, you could think of seven main numbers rather than five and then cover every combination within the seven. It is a strategy which requires you to play multiple lines (in this case 21), but it would guarantee that if you matched just two numbers from the seven chosen, you would win some prizes.


The problem with buying more lines to boost your chances of winning is that you have to spend more money, but you can keep costs down by joining a EuroMillions syndicate. You would have to share any prize you won, of course, but enjoying that feeling of EuroMillions success with your friends or work colleagues might make it all the sweeter.

Don’t Forget to Play

Regardless of which strategy you decide suits you best, the only way you will have a chance to win the next EuroMillions jackpot is make sure you take part. Tickets can be bought from authorised retailers in all nine participating countries, or by choosing numbers online.

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