EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 5th August 2014

Yesterday’s EuroMillions draw saw millions of lottery lovers compete for an estimated jackpot of £17 million (€21 million). While more than 1.8 million tickets won prizes, none were able to match all seven numbers drawn.

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 5th August 2014

Five lucky players, all of whom purchased their tickets outside of the UK, won €194,005 each when they came within just one Lucky Star of hitting the jackpot. They were followed by seven players who matched five main numbers to win £32,968 (€46,191) each, 42 players who matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win £2,747 (€3,849) each and 1,219 players who won £82.80 (€116) each when they matched four main numbers plus one Lucky Star.

The remaining 1,863,554 winning tickets secured prizes worth between £2.40 (€3.40) for matching two main numbers and £44.90 (€62.90) for matching four main numbers. A full prize breakdown, including the winning UK Millionaire Raffle code, can be found on

As yesterday’s top prize eluded players once more, the next EuroMillions draw will offer a double rollover jackpot worth an estimated £24 million (€31 million). Tickets for the draw, which will take place on Friday evening, are on sale now.

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