EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 9th September

Tuesday’s EuroMillions draw resulted in a rollover after no player was able to match all of the winning numbers drawn, so the jackpot for Friday’s draw will be now worth £52 million (€65 million).

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 9th September

While no player won the £44.2 million (€55 million) top prize last night, there were six ticket holders who snapped up £132,973 (€187,027) when they matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star. An additional 14 players won £18,996 (€26,718) each when they matched all five main numbers and 41 players are now £3,243 (€4,561) richer after matching four main numbers and both Lucky Stars.

The remaining players won amounts worth between £2.60 (€3.60) for matching two main numbers and £139.30 (€195.90) for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star. One UK ticket holder landed a £1 million payout when the Millionaire Raffle code on their ticket matched the winning code drawn. For a full breakdown of last night’s draw, visit the Results page at

Players will now turn their attention to the massive jackpot on offer for Friday. After six draws without a top tier winner, we’re sure that lottery fans are hoping that they can be the one to beat the odds, break the EuroMillions rollover streak and win the life-changing prize. Tickets for Friday’s draw are now available for purchase and sales will close at 7:30 PM BST (8:30 PM CEST) on Friday evening. Good luck!

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