EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 30th September

The last EuroMillions draw of September saw the jackpot of £25.6 million (€32.9 million) scooped by one lucky Spanish ticket holder as attention now turns to an even bigger top prize of €100 million (approximately £80 million) which is guaranteed for Friday 3rd October’s Superdraw.  

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 30th September

As well as the brand new Spanish multimillionaire matching all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw there were plenty of other cash prizes claimed by ticket holders in the additional 12 prize tiers. One UK player is also celebrating a £1 million bonus after matching the winning Millionaire Raffle code. For a full breakdown of prizes, visit the Results page.

This Friday’s Superdraw has been called to celebrate ten years since the UK, Spain and France were joined in playing EuroMillions by Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland and is only the second such draw of 2014. The Superdraw planned for Friday 6th June became the first of its kind to be superseded by the jackpot naturally accumulating to more than €100 million beforehand through rollovers.

Lottery fans across Europe will be already formulating plans for spending the £80 million jackpot in anticipation of the draw. For parents looking to gain Brownie points from their children they could recreate the world’s most expensive rollercoaster, the Expedition Everest from Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida, which cost £60.1 million to create. Presumably the remaining £20 million would then be commandeered to purchase a house with a garden big enough in which to build it!

Tickets for Friday’s EuroMillions Superdraw are available now online and from authorised retailers and are sure to be in high demand with players not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to win a life-changing amount of money. Good luck!

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