EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 24th June 2014

The penultimate EuroMillions draw of June took place last night and while more than 1.6 million players secured a prize, nobody managed to hit the jackpot. The coveted top prize offered in yesterday’s draw was worth £12 million (€15 million) after one Portuguese player scooped a £19.9 million (€24.9 million) top tier win on Friday 20th.

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 24th June 2014

The largest EuroMillions win of last night was worth £233,500 (€312,175) and went to each of the three players who were just one Lucky Star away from sharing the jackpot. They were followed by five players who matched five main numbers to win £44,700 (€62,435) each, 43 players who matched four main numbers plus both Lucky Stars to win £2,598 (€3,629) each and 749 players who matched four main numbers plus one Lucky Star to win £130.50 (€182.30) each.

The remaining 1,626,712 lucky ticket holders won between £2.90 (€4.10) for matching just two main numbers up to £85.20 (€119) for matching four main numbers. A full prize breakdown from last night’s draw, including the winning UK Millionaire Raffle code and French My Millions code, can be found here.

As the top prize was not won last night, Friday’s draw will offer players a rollover jackpot worth an estimated £19 million (€24 million). If you’d like to participate in Europe’s favourite lottery game, tickets can be purchased online via the Lottery Tickets tab or in person from an authorised retailer.

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