EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 21st October

Lottery fans across Europe held their breath tonight as they checked this evening’s EuroMillions results, as there was a £143.6 million (€181.7 million) jackpot was up for grabs. Since the top prize has rolled over, it has now reached the maximum possible value of €190 million (estimated £150 million).

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 21st October

Eight players won £241,508 (€333,090) after matching five main numbers and one Lucky Star and 20 participants matched five main numbers to win £32,201 (€44,412) each. The remaining players won amounts worth between £2.80 (€3.90) for matching two main numbers and £3,500 (€4,827) for matching four main numbers and two Lucky Stars.

A single UK winner matched the winning Millionaire Raffle code (soon to be renamed Millionaire Maker) of GYW290078 to win a cool £1 million. For a full breakdown of the results, visit the dedicated Results page at

Friday’s draw will be surrounded by a flurry of activity as people flock to buy their tickets for this rare EuroMillions opportunity. Sales of tickets have reopened, so make sure that you pick up some lines before sales for Friday’s epic draw close at 7.30pm BST (8.30pm CEST) on Friday. Good luck!


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