EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 18th February 2014

After one lucky Spanish ticket holder won the EuroMillions jackpot in Friday’s draw, last night’s draw gave players the chance to win a brand new jackpot worth £12 million (€15 million). The EuroMillions results from last night’s draw revealed that over 1.4 million ticket holders won a prize but did any of them match the winning numbers to scoop the jackpot?

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 18th February 2014

As it turned out, there were no jackpot winners and so the top prize increases to £20 million (€25 million) for Friday’s draw. A notable feature from last night’s draw was that there were also no winners in the second tier, resulting in the prize pool rolling down to the third tier. In this tier, two lucky ticket holders each won an impressive £466,457 (€649,098) which is the largest Match 5 prize ever to be won in EuroMillions history.

In the remaining prize tiers, the prizes won ranged from £3.40 (€4.80) for matching just two main numbers up to £3,239 (€4,507) for matching four main numbers and two Lucky Stars. In the Millionaire Raffle game, one UK ticket holder matched the code XWV082694 to win the £1 million prize. The full prize breakdown from last night’s draw can be found on

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One UK EuroMillions ticket holder only has a few hours left to claim a £1 million prize before it expires. The winning ticket was purchased in Trafford, Manchester for the draw on 23rd August 2013 and matched the Millionaire Raffle code MFQ213183.

The winner has until 23.00 GMT this evening to claim their prize before it will expire and the money added to the Good Causes fund. We strongly advise players who purchased a EuroMillions ticket in Trafford around the time of the draw to check any old tickets to see if they are the missing £1 million winner.

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