EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 16th September 2014

Last night’s EuroMillions draw gave players the chance to win an impressive £59.4 million (€74.6 million) jackpot but were any of them lucky enough to scoop this top-tier prize?

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 16th September 2014

For the eighth consecutive draw, no player successfully matched all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars drawn so the jackpot will roll over to Friday’s draw and increase in value to £69 million (€87 million). Although no player emerged from the Tuesday’s draw as a top-tier winner, more than 1.9 million players took home a consolation prize of some kind.

Three ticket holders from outside of the UK matched all five main numbers and one Lucky Star to win €419,829 each while six ticket holders, one of whom purchased their ticket in the UK, matched all five main numbers to win £50,007 (€69,971). A further 34 players matched four main numbers plus both Lucky Stars to take home £4,412 (€6,173) and 685 ticket holders matched four main numbers and one Lucky Star to win £191.60 (€268.10). All remaining winners in the main draw secured prizes between £3.10 (€4.40) for matching two main numbers and £101.40 (€141.90) for matching four main numbers.

Additional prizes were awarded in both the UK Millionaire and My Million raffle draws. One UK player match the winning UK Millionaire raffle code TSZ767927 to win £1 million while one French player took home the €1 million prize by matching the winning My Million code HS3146581. For all the details on last night’s EuroMillions draw, visit the Results page at

Following last night’s draw with no top prize winner, Friday’s draw now offers players the chance to win a life-changing £69 million jackpot. There hasn’t been a top-tier winner for just over four weeks so it will be interesting to see if any players will strike it lucky and win it big in Friday’s draw!

Can’t wait until Friday for the chance to scoop amazing lottery prizes? There’s still time to get tickets for tonight’s UK Lotto draw, which features an amazing £13 million quadruple rollover jackpot and 250 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each. Make sure that you buy your tickets before sales close at 7:30 PM BST.

No matter what games you play this week, we wish you the best of luck!

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