EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 11th November

The latest EuroMillions results have shown that anyone hoping to pull off a EuroMillions jackpot win immediately after last Friday’s draw will need to wait until Friday 14th November to try their luck again. No players matched five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to win the jackpot, worth £11.7 million (€15 million), and there were no winning ticket holders in the next prize tier, which meant that seven players who matched five main numbers bagged a very nice £137,598 (€186,683) each as they were in the highest winning tier tonight.

EuroMillions Results for Tuesday 11th November

An additional 34 participants snapped up £3,541 (€4,804) when they matched four main numbers and both Lucky Stars. The remaining cash prizes distributed in the main draw were worth between £3.20 (€4.40) for matching two main numbers and £171.20 (€232.40) for matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star.

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If you’re feeling blue because a.) it’s still only Tuesday and b.) you didn’t win the EuroMillions jackpot tonight, then don’t worry - EuroMillions returns on Friday with a rollover jackpot worth £19 million (€24 million). EuroMillions ticket sales have resumed and you can pick up your entries online or from an authorised retailer. Sales close on Friday evening, so there’s still plenty of time to grab what could be the golden ticket that will change your life forever. Good luck!

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