EuroMillions Results for Friday 28th March 2014

Two Friday EuroMillions jackpot wins in a row – one for the UK and one for Switzerland – gave lottery players every reason to try and end the month with a third. The jackpot had rolled over in the midweek draw, so it was worth £20,942,416 (€25,329,483) by the time the seven numbers were drawn last night, and we can report that one Spanish ticket beat the odds to fulfil player’s hopes and secure the third consecutive Friday jackpot win. The EuroMillions results for Friday 28th March, 2014, were as follows…

EuroMillions Results for Friday 28th March 2014

EuroMillions Plus: (02) (04) (11) (37) (44)

Joker: 5 413 435

This is the fifth EuroMillions jackpot that has been won by a Spanish ticket this year (one of those jackpots was also shared by a ticket in France), and that is a fantastic result for Spain when one considers that there have been just eight jackpots landed in total. There were six tickets that matched the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars to win £179,315 (€258,237) each, and seven tickets won £51,232 (€73,782) each by matching the five main numbers only. Over 2.9 million consolation prizes were won in total, and you can see the complete prize breakdown by visiting the EuroMillions Results page at

Over in Ireland, there was a top prize of €500,000 up for grabs in the EuroMillions Plus game, and all that players had to do to win that sum was match all five of the numbers that were drawn. No player succeeded in achieving that feat, but 52 tickets matched four of the numbers and won a second tier prize of €2,000 each instead. Another 2,167 tickets matched three numbers to win their owners €20 each, and Irish lottery players can have another go at winning big in the next game on Tuesday.

The EuroJackpot results last night were 10, 32, 35, 38 and 45, along with the Euro numbers 04 and 05. The jackpot was worth a very impressive €47 million, but none of the participating players could match all of the numbers required to win it, so the next game will feature an even bigger jackpot worth around €56 million. As far as last night's game is concerned, two tickets won a second tier prize worth €464,115 each by matching five main numbers and one Euro number, and one ticket matched five main numbers only to win €241,339. More than 861,000 prizes were won in total.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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