EuroMillions Results for Friday 21st November

EuroMillions fans across the UK and throughout Europe waited breathlessly for news of the results from the latest draw. A £34.1 million (€43 million) jackpot was on the line, but no player matched all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars to scoop the top prize.

EuroMillions Results for Friday 21st November

Even though no jackpot winner emerged, the draw could be counted as a great success, with over 2.7 million ticket holders won cash prizes. From the 1,575,650 participants who matched two main numbers to win £2.70 (€3.80) to the single UK player who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star to snap up £1,175,106 all for themselves, there are certainly millions of happy people out there tonight. For a full breakdown of the draw, visit the Results page at

For those who are still hoping to win it big this weekend, Lotto is offering a rollover jackpot of £10 million as well as a special Lotto Raffle with 20 prizes of £1 million in addition to the usual 50 prizes of £20,000. The special game will be held in celebration of the National Lottery’s 20th anniversary. Sales for Lotto close at 7.30pm GMT tomorrow.

The next EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday 25th November will be worth an estimated £40 million (€50 million). Ticket sales will close at 7.30pm GMT (8.30pm CET) on the day of the draw, so make sure that you buy your entries online or from an authorised retailer as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to win such an amazing prize!  

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